4-Dimensional Ecosystem

EHLA’s research and development work is centered around four dimensions which are crucial to the success of intelligent education - the pedagogical, publishing, teaching, and social dimensions.

Technological Strength

Weakness Tracking

EHLA provides learners with an intelligent learning environment where their weaknesses are closely tracked, thoroughly diagnosed, and prescribed with personalised teaching solutions, including target-oriented exercise drills and teaching videos recorded by professional teachers.

The diagnosis and mapping of students’ strengths and weaknesses occurs at individual, class, grade, school, and even regional levels.

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Instant Solution

Our system is equipped with powerful features to help students learn effectively while avoiding blind or repetitive drills, whilst our target-oriented exercises help students rigorously eliminate weaknesses. Each exercise question comes with a tutorial video that provides students with immediate solutions to any and all queries.

EHLA Application

EHLA’s user terminal system is comprised of student app, a teacher portal and a parent/tutor app.

Our Teacher Portal is tailored to teachers setting homework assignments and online student performance monitoring through our analytical reports. Our school portal is tailored to teachers setting homework assignments and online student performance monitoring through our analytical reports. Our school portal offers teachers great insight into the specifics of student strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to develop appropriate teaching strategies in response.

Meanwhile, our parent/tutor portal is developed for parents to easily observe the status of students’ learning progress, and receive professional learning recommendations from EHLA.

Pedagogical Strength

An Unparalleled Global Team and Research Programme with the University of Oxford

EHLA’s core R&D team consists of front-line curriculum specialists, experienced teachers, and global educational advisors.

We take great pride in our global academic team, ensuring that EHLA’s educational content development, published material, and teaching standards are in line with international standards.

Notably, Professor John Furlong, OBE, is our Hon. Chief Educational Advisor. John has played a significant role in EHLA’s educational development and in shaping our strategic directions.

Professor Furlong has also played a leading role in the collaborative initiatives between EHLA and the University of Oxford, including March 2017’s Academic Initiative Agreement between EHLA and the University of Oxford Innovation Limited, focused on various aspects of e-Education research.

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Content Development and Quality Management

Our content creators and editors are veteran publishing experts coming from leading publishing houses around the world such as Pearson, Macmillan and Oxford University Press.

Our Chief Editor, Dr Adrian Bullock, is responsible for managing EHLA’s English language learning and teaching resources. Dr Bullock and his editing team play an essential role in ensuring EHLA’s educational resources are authoritative, consistent and trustworthy.

Target-oriented Video Teaching

In view of students’ learning weaknesses, we have designed a huge volume of high-quality teaching videos, delivered in multiple languages by top-notch teachers from around the world. All of EHLA’s learning videos are produced by our content, R&D and multimedia team.

In order to rigorously diagnose student weaknesses and prescribe personalised teaching videos, we have incorporated a great deal of detail into our learning points.

Creative e-Publishing

Translation and Multilingual Publishing

In order to ensure that our learning resources are applicable for all learners within the Asian region, many of EHLA’s learning resources are produced in multiple languages - such as Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

Music, Audio and Video

EHLA operates several professional studios in Hong Kong, the UK and China (Shenzhen and Shanghai). The studios are operated by experienced practitioners in the TV production and multimedia industry. Around the world, EHLA maintains a team of professional voiceover artists and illustrators consisting of both full-time employees and freelancers.

Gaming and Animation

Gaming and animation comprise a significant part of EHLA’s digital library, ensuring learning remains consistently intriguing, interactive and effective. The design of our games, graphics and animations are handled by a team of our in-house graphic designers, animators and game engineers.

To cope with the tremendous volume of animated videos and games, EHLA also runs large-scale internship programmes; hiring students and graduates from many tertiary institutions such as the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education, The City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design Institute, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and many more.