Unparalleled K-12 Reading Solution for Asian student

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Levelled Reading

EHLA is pushing levelled reading to new heights - our 48 levels + 8 bridging levels are designed to suit all K-12 learners in Asia.

Animated Readers

EHLA provides our learners with fully animated readers, equipped with three different reading modes and various other useful features such as our read, follow and record functions, an expansive dictionary, and varied speed in reading exercises.

Record & Dictionary function

Exercise & Report

We have designed comprehensive reading exercises for students so they may master new vocabulary whilst tackling reading comprehensions, listening and other extended exercises.

Moreover, students’ learning activities will be closely tracked and diagnosed; the analytical reports will clearly list students’ areas for improvement and enable EHLA to design tailor-made training courses for them.

Intelligent Tailoring Reading Plan

With the support of diagnostic data, we can tailor the best personalized reading plan for students to achieve the most effective learning goal.

Serial Stories

Adventure stories, fairy tales, mystery stories, science fiction… Serial stories lead young learners through a world of wonder and surprise. EHLA’s serial stories are written by professional writers of children’s fiction. Children are encouraged to unleash their creativity and appreciate the beauty of language.

Bridging Readers

Localization and CEFR English Bridging

In Asia, we have seen a regional trend of enhancing students’ English proficiency and bridging local standards with international English standards, in particular, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Countries such as mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan have laid down specific timelines to achieve the expected level of enhancement.

Throughout the years, EHLA has been working very closely with authoritative international and Asian educationalists to develop English learning solutions for Asian students, in particular, ESL students. The Reading Solution is a groundbreaking invention by EHLA. The levels are broken down into 8 bridging levels and 48 sub-levels of progressive learning. All reading resources are intricately levelled, vividly animated and accompanied with bilingual subtitles, exercises and diagnostic performance reports. English learning has never been easier or more effective. The Reading Programme provides a realistic and solid solution for Asian students to increase their learning incentive and fundamentally improve their English proficiency and bridge with international standards.


According to the ‘China’s Standards of English Language Ability’, promulgated by the China’s Ministry of Education in June 2018, the ability of English learners is classified into either of these categories - ‘basic’, ‘intermediate’, and ‘advanced’. The Chinese government requests that all primary students meet the English standard of ‘CEFR A1’ level upon the completion of six years of primary education, ‘CEFR A2’ level upon the completion of junior secondary studies, and ‘CEFR A2-B1’ level upon the completion of senior secondary studies. However, the general poor quality of English education teaching in China and the government’s strong intention to prohibit early English education in kindergartens are making the goal very hard to achieve without a solid and innovative English learning solution.


Based on a recent English Proficiency Index survey, Japan ranked 35th out of 72 countries on English proficiency. In view of improving students’ English proficiency, the Japanese government has announced that by early 2020, all high school graduates must achieve a level of English proficiency equivalent to ‘CEFR B1’. This is a significant leap from the past. In Japan, English education used to start only in the very late years of primary education, but the situation will be changed from 2020 onwards, as English education will start from the 3rd grade. To achieve the ‘CEFR B1’ level, students are generally expected to have over 2500 hours of exposure to English. But the reality is, Japanese students only have fewer than 1000 hours of English exposure in their study from elementary school to high school. So, English reading provides an essential remedy for such shortfall in English study hours.

School-based, Curriculum-based and Exam-oriented Reading Resources

On top of intriguing readers, EHLA prepares many resources for students to prepare for different examinations, including the Hong Kong Attainment Tests (HKAT), the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), the Basic Competency Assessment (BCA), the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), and many more.

Curriculum-based reading comprehension and A wide range of functional texts

Our all-in-one school package is the most comprehensive, detailed reading package designed specifically for schools. It contains various types of exercises and teaching videos.

PopSci and Inter-disciplinary Readers

This is a series of readers specifically designed for primary students to broaden their learning horizons and learn other subjects through English reading. Our authors include scientists, reputable scholars, and subject experts. Fifteen disciplines are covered including Sciences, Mathematics, technology, humanities, Social Studies and more.

Phonics Readers

Across 5 key milestones and 12 key learning stages. The design and implementation of EHLA’s phonics learning programme is led by Ms.Catherine Kneasfey – a veteran educationalist and publishing specialist.

In our phonics learning programme, we adopt a step-by-step and deliberate approach to teach ESL learners the letters and sounds of English. Our audial approach is proven by a strong body of research evidence which suggests that it is by the far the best means of ensuring that all children (both native speakers and non-native speakers) learn to read English successfully.

Magic Books

Our magic book series give learners a stunning interactive learning experience. The Magic Books also raise our animation standard to a new height, offering extra excitement to learners.