Our Charitable Programme - The Paper Plane Scheme

John Furlong: EHLA Paper Plane Scheme Introduction
EHLA Paper Plane Scheme Briefing

Fold a paper plane. See it fly high in the sky.

The paper plane is free

But it represents a dream of exploring the world and the future

Every child, rich or poor, deserves a dream and equal rights to access that future

EHLA's paper plane carries the dreams of many children of entering a wonderland of knowledge.

In an effort to promote ‘true quality education for all regardless of whether they are rich or poor’, we operate a charitable scheme - the Paper Plane Scheme - under which, we donate a significant part of our high-quality educational content, through our charitable NGO - the EHLA Education Initiative – to disadvantaged students coming from very low-income families worldwide. For the Scheme in Hong Kong, we now invite schools to participate in the programme and help us in gathering applications.

Following our first public school event in June 2018, a large number of schools have enrolled in the Paper Plane Scheme. Today, we are now expecting to see a surge in beneficiaries in the near future. Whilst Hong Kong is the first stop in our charitable programme, EHLA remains committed to extending its charitable footprint to other Asian countries and further afield.

First Stage Qualified Students:

Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recepient