Internship Programme

About EHLA's Project

Several years down the road, EHLA's educational project has grown into a large-scale and international one. Key focus: Research and development of creative e-educational content, e-publishing and integration of learning and teaching with technological intelligence.  Our existing and target audiences: Kindergarten to secondary students in several markets, starting here in Hong Kong where we are seeing hundreds of schools signing up with us, we will expand to China, Taiwan and other neighbouring Asian countries in different phases.  We e-publish our work in different languages and collaborate with a number of world-class educationalists and a global team of high-calibre elites coming from HK, UK, and U.S. More details can be found in our website: 

To support our operation and development plan, we have launched a Hong Kong wide internship and freelancer programme where we offer to hire 150-200 interns and freelancers from all tertiary institutions to provide support in our Multimedia Department who will work under the guidance of our senior mentors. 

Main Duty and Exposure

While the freelancers/interns will be mainly focusing on motion graphic design and/or video post editing, we always aim to provide more extensive explore including creative video and first-hand story board production, studio operation and management (we operate several professional studios in HK). The work scope will be subject to the performance and suitability of the freelancers.

Other Key Features of Our Programme

  • Competitive cash reward PLUS incentive compensation for quality motion graphic design and/or video post-editing work
  • Flexibility to work on a project basis and work from home

  • Professional training provided by experienced mentors

  • Gain experience in a high-end i-Education company and e-publisher which help intensify their understanding of the future market trend and standard.